2011 Is Fast Disappearing…

…and I see I haven’t had a blog entry since August.  Blame it on Facebook!  I have been very busy—almost all of it in a good way—and as 2012 looms large,  it seems change is in the air.

For one thing, Mandragora Tango has decided to concentrate their forces on recording, concerts and tours.  They are letting go of their weekly gig, at the Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will only appear there once a month.  This gives me the perfect opportunity to launch my new project:   ROGUE TANGO.  This group will feature vocalist/percussionist Rachel Milloy,  finally giving her a great forum to share her talents with the tango world.  I’ll be playing guitar.  Our first gigs are December 11th and 18th, at the fore-mentioned Loring Pasta Bar.  Laura Harada and Peter Susag will be with us, as featured violinist and bassist.  Exciting!

And speaking of recording, the new CD of Mandragora’s is about 75% finished!  It is an album of TangoNuevo, mostly original, with original looks at a couple of Guardia Vieja tunes.  We’re really taking our time getting this recording done;  its been about a year so far.  I am hopeful we’ll have an outstanding finished product.  I’ll be putting up some MP3s on the “recordings” page;  soon!  In fact, I’m looking to update this entire site.  It’s a little shop-worn….

I am 100% behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  As musicians, we’re facing some very tough times.  Thank God for the music itself…..it’s own reward.