About Mandragora Tango….

The “mandragora” is the mandrake root, which grows in Argentina. The group is a quartet (bandoneon/accordian, violin, bass and guitar)that adores the music of Astor Piazzolla (of course!)but we are committed to being a dance band, as well. So we do the entire spectrum of Troilo, Gardel, Plaza—70 or more years of great tangos and milongas. I joined the group in 2004 when we were hired by Theatre De La Jeune Lune for their highly acclaimed production of Piazzolla’s Maria de Buenos Aires.

This week we are playing in Madison, Wisconsin on Friday, September 21st at Restaurant Magnus.  On Saturday the 22nd we are at the American Tango Institute in Chicago, Illinois.  Our mini-tour concludes with a private engagement in Milwaukee on Sunday, the 23rd.  More info on the calendar page or take a look at Mandragora’s site. It is loaded with music and info and  fun stuff.

It is such a treat for me to play with musicians of their caliber and sensitivity.  And tango is amazing music–full of pathos and delicious self-pity as well as gorgeous over-the-top excess.  What is there not to love?