Actualizacion de Primavera

Play finished (Lorca in a Green Dress)—a very good experience for me, all things considered.  Fun, nicely compensated, something a little different, a time of learning.  All that PC ****.  And now, Springtime in Minnesota!  My magnolia bush in full bloom and birds singing mightily, longer days, baseball, and the gradual awakening from a long winter’s sleep….

So, I’m going to Madrid for the rest of the month.  Get some work done on my piso there, hang out with friends, and, no surprise, play some guitar.  Maybe I’ll even catch Vicente Amigo’s CD Release show.  His new CD:  “Tierra” is surely very interesting, a little complacent, perhaps, but filled with his exhuberant virtuosity.  A Celtic foray featuring his unique sound—is it in part his Reyes guitar?  He seems to be playing some other guitar, too, to judge from the video footage.  I love his sound.  His music sometimes is not to my liking, but his sound is something else.  Vivas tu!