April Happenings–Minneapolis, Minnesota

Will Spring never come?  As I write this, it is SNOWING!  Again—but then, we don’t mind so much because the music scene here is really cracking.  Besides, I just spent an invigorating week in Los Angeles where it is always sunny and beautiful.  (Just like a Minnesotan to blog about the damn weather).

A couple of very interesting items I need to pass on to aficionados of tango and flamenco.  Mandragora Tango will be hosting another tango-groove party this month, building on the success of last month’s espectaculo.  It’ll be on April 26th, Saturday and at the Candelabra Studio warehouse space on 1517 Central Ave in Northeast Minneapolis.  If you missed last month’s event, be sure you don’t miss this one.  It is just so inspiring and fun to play in a hip and relaxed setting like this.  Doors open at 9PM and we’ll go until 3AM.  A cover charge gains entrance, snacks and drinks.

Now on a more seeeeeeeeerious note:  the remarkable up-and-coming cantaora (flamenco singer)Rachel Milloy joins me in presenting a lecture/demonstration entitled “El Mundo y Las Formas del Arte Flamenco” at the University of St Thomas in St Paul, Mn.  It’ll be at the O’Shaughnessy Educational Center (on Cleveland Ave between Portland and Ashland Avenues) and goes from 1:30 to 3:30PM on Thursday, April 17th.  We’ll talk a bit and perform loads of cool music, cante jondo to sevillanas.  It is free and open to everyone and usually draws a sizable crowd: the space is lovely, the acoustics are great and it is in the afternoon, which means we’ll most likely be sober!

These special events plus the usual host of shows around town (see my calendar page…) guarantee that April showers—be they snow, sleet or rain—will not dampen my spirits.  Nonetheless,  I am counting the days ’til grilling and sangria under the stars.  Have you checked out my sangria formula yet?  See it below.  Years of practice and I think I’ve finally got it right.

Oh yeah—one more thing. ( I feel like a carnival barker.) My Sunday flamenco guitar technique classes continue and some really kick-ass players are starting to emerge.  If you want to get involved send me an email and let’s get going! !Hasta prontito!