Cafe Ziryab in Madrid

Today, I’m headed back to Minnesota for a couple of months. I can not leave off my Madrid observations without mentioning:

CAFE ZIRYAB! A new place, opened by my friend Anya Volhardt, in Acasias, Paseo de la Esperanza 17. I was there almost everyday, before shows, after shows, watching Flamenco Intimo perform on weekends. Great wines, amazing tapas (I mean it!), super nice people, great flamenco atmosphere.

One can often find David Serva here. The legendary American born guitarist who has lived most of his life in Spain. He plays every Saturday afternoon for the Pena Flamenca, that must not be missed. Starts around 4:30 or 5 pm. David has been a mentor to me. I’ve studied with him, off and on, since 1980. He continues playing his uncompromising, highly original flamenco style (based on his mentor, Diego del Gastor) and his knowledge of the cante and how to accompany it is probably second to none.

Goodbye Madrid! I’ll be back soon.