CHINA 2012 part six

Saturday, December 1st

We’re back on the plane, it is very early, we’re off to Dongguan.  It is a city of 8 million, in the south, near Hong Kong.

Last night’s show went well, despite technical glitches from the local sound crew.   A bit more about the shows:  the first half has been mostly classical and regional Spanish dance done to recorded music.  The 2nd half has been all flamenco.  Solea’ por Bulerias, Zapateado, Farruca, Romeras, sometimes Peterneras or Solea’; also Guajiras, Sevillanas and fin de fiesta por Bulerias.  We’ve done additional musical numbers,too.  Paco Fonta’s singing has been stellar throughout.  The guitars have meshed extremely well,  Zpran’s violin has added a wonderful Eastern-European flavor, Mick’s percussion has been strong and consistent.  I have thoroughly enjoyed playing each and every show.