Election Eve

Tomorrow is, to my mind, the most important election of my lifetime.  It is an opportunity for Americans to, once again, show themselves as a great and honorable and just people committed to freedom, equality and human rights.  I am hoping for not just an Obama victory but a clear MANDATE.  Let us set upon righting the numerous wrongs of the past 8 years and regaining the trust of the world at large.  I am very excited.

It has been a nearly a month since my return from China.  I’ve been laying low, doing a lot of club gigs and hanging out,  playing guitar, learning some new pieces, being the political junkie.  This is a beautiful time in Minnesota what with the leaves and all—yadda yadda but it really is beautiful.

This coming weekend I will be performing solo as part of the Seward Arts Festival.  This annual event encompasses the entire Seward neighborhood of South Minneapolis.  I’ll be over at the Birchwood Cafe on Saturday afternoon from 2PM, then popping over to El Meson for an evening show with cantaora Rachel and dancer Sachiko.  Makes for a nice weekend….

Did you happen to catch the Ralph Nader ad that came out on Halloween as his Night of the Living Dead op?  Really amazing!  Really weird!  I love it!  It’s on youtube.  That man is hard to figure—brilliant, quirky,irrelevant…?

PLEASE VOTE!  Be a part of these historic times.