Embrace Creativity

Yes. Embrace creativity. Your own. And that of others. Can ART be seen as: what thou art?

Everyone is creative. It is what we are. Sometimes, it is obvious. Dancer, musician, film-maker, singer, painter, poet, writer. Other times, it is not so obvious.

Our thoughts are free. Dreams, hopes, aspirations. They, too, are art. Unfettered expression, our world with wings.

Fear is the Great Inhibitor. Fear of failing, of being ridiculous, of offending others, of going against the current. Of being ostracized.

I believe we must cultivate fearlessness. We all know how cool it is to be different from the pack. To stand out as an individual. To express our individuality through our look, our ideas, our “swag.”

And, beyond that, is to surrender to our most creative instincts. Juice up our lives. Hydrate our souls. Irrigate our longings, our expressions of those longings. Liberate our creative voice. Embrace Creativity.

Am I being preachy here? Professorial? Not my intention. No soapbox, either. I do want to share my ideas. A creative life is full of juice. Not too safe, Not boring.

This is Part One of my personal strategy for happiness. With or without a specific religious focus, it remains the same. Creativity. Tranquility. Compassion. Today.