Farruquito at Teatro Compac, Madrid

Without doubt, the musical highlight of my Primavera 2012.  April 13.  Farruquito is an amazing dancer—this is well known.  What I was not prepared for was the overwhelmingly powerful presence of this remarkable man. He has real star power, projecting a warmth, a humility, a humanity that is unbelievably compelling.  This from a man who killed a workman in a tragic hit and run incident in Sevilla not so many years ago.  Perhaps he has suffered—perhaps he has sought to atone for his crime.  I don’t know.  I do know that he completely won me over with his powerful powerful personal presence.

The show was fabulous:  3 great singers—Pikina, Zambullo and Mari Jimenez—with voices perfectly complimenting one another.  2 wonderful guitarists—Antonio Rey Navas and Roman Vicenti Mero—each confident, lyrical and strong in their toque, trading licks back and forth, really rockin’ the house.  4 supporting dancers—Barullo, Pollito, Gema and La Sentio—passionate, precise, perfect.  And Farruquito.

An amazing Fandangos opened the show.  Later, a spectacular Sevillanas—who would expect to see these?  Every number built upon the preceding and the effect was so potent the entire audience (myself included) exploded in shouts and jaleo between them.  You had to so-as not to implode with the emotion engendered by each particular piece.

Truly remarkable.