FLAMENCO LEGEND: In Search of Camaron de la Isla

Interesting book.  I just finished it a couple of weeks ago.  Author is an English journalist and flamenco guitarist:  Marcos.  Just Marcos.  The book is jumbled, uneven, hard to follow, not that well written.  But—well worth reading for all Camaronistas (those that know English, anyway).  He has been quite exhaustive in his research and the book is teeming with colorful anecdotes as well as quotes from just about everybody.  Having said that, I have to say that it is notable also for the information that is NOT included.  Marcos had his sources and he tracked them well.  Beyond that, he really didn’t know many flamenco heavy-hitters who might have filled in a lot more information.  I’m thinking of Pansequito, la Susi, Paco Cepero, Capullo de Jerez, Moraito Chico, Manolo Sanlucar—the list goes on and on.

Recommended?   Absolutely.  Camaron was, in my opinion, a brilliant star in flamenco’s galaxy who left us way, way too soon.  I am hungry for anything that brings him back to us, even for a brief moment.

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