Frozen Solea-sicle on a Stick!

Trying to keep it real, keep it flamenco, maintain the soniquete—here in the deep freeze known as Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After Madrid, I spent 5 weeks in Guatemala, doing lots of shows, and just generally loving living there. I came to Minnesota for family, friends, and Christmas/New Year’s.

Its been very very cold, snowy, icy. Playing every Sunday with my band, ROGUE TANGO, has been wonderful. My home is wonderful (I hardly ever leave it, it seems—guitars, oriental rugs, and warmth: life’s necessities). Doing a lot of teaching to a small cabal of dedicated guitar students. Playing shows at several local fine-dining restaurants.

So why am I complaining? Am I complaining? NO! Of course not! I’m making important distinctions…

2017 is behind us. President Trump was, and continues to be, a huge embarrassment. After a lifetime of liberalism and support of progressive causes, this guy and his administration is very hard to take. I prefer to live outside the US.

In my musings and “meditations” I’ve been searching for strategies of improvisation. Fun! I’ve articulated some 16 strategies, so far. I’m thinking of writing about them here—is it too pedantic? Too pretentious? Gotta think about it a little more….