Guate siempre Guate!

I’m baaaaaaaaaaack! Can not stay away too long. Currently, I’m residing in the capital, zone 2, at Casa Canchitas—-the place with the great patio.

My son, Aaron is with me for another week, before he returns to the US. He spent the summer training with Ballet Nacional de Guatemala (BNG). I rented a car for two weeks and we’ve been journeying to and fro between Antigua and here. I’ll turn in the car when he leaves, catch the shuttle to Antigua, set up shop at Hotel Cortez y Larraz, once again. Creature of habit….(another great patio for my “office.”)

Both of us were part of an exciting and, yes, even Important, show that took place at the Cooperacion Espanola in Antigua, under the auspices of the Spanish government. It happened Saturday last, the 20th—Lorca pa’ mi Sentir. The creation of La Cuca de Grana’, who danced, sang, and delivered poetry. It was most impressive! I’ve been part of shows focused on Federico Garcia Lorca several times; none, however, quite acheived her focus, which, simply stated, would be: her personal relationship, as a gitana (gypsy, roma) and life-long flamenca, with the poetry, music, and vision of this fellow Granadino. She offered a powerfully unique point of view.

I came in last minute, cramming for 3 days of rehearsals and setting of music—it was artistic collaboration at its best, for my part. She invited Aaron to set a balletic improv on my, mostly original, farruca. (Nothing in flamenco is truly original—we owe everything to the past masters as well as to our peers.) Aaron was magnificent; I was conscious throughout our duet of what a great moment it was for us, as father and son, two generations, to perform together, in Guatemala, at such an event. Tremendo!