Happy Spring! Changes Ahead!

Spending this entire winter in Minnesota (USA) has been very difficult.  Extreme cold, lots of snow and ice.  Well, its beautiful today (and yesterday!)—-surely spring is in the air.  And, to celebrate, I’m heading to Antigua, Guatemala this evening, right after I finish my solo guitar gig.  I’m just going for a week.  Still—Antigua is an enchanted place.  And, my dear friend, Alberto, is there now and expecting me.  He missed the winter-madness, leaving for Guate at November’s end.

Our show:  Pasion’ Flamenca was a big success.  I am very pleased with it.  The show was of very high quality;  all the players did exceptional playing/dancing/singing.  We had a big crowd, very enthusiastic.  It’s both a relief that it’s all over, and, a let-down.  Everyone seems to go through this, at show’s end, I guess.

Lastly, my website has been given a new look and an update.  Big thank yous to Nick Lethert, the web-master.  I’m excited about this and I think it’ll be more user-friendly for all, more music, more video, more readable.