Hello! I’m Still Here!

Yes, indeed. Since September, I’ve been doing a lot of writing, specifically, for “the book.” Love, Magick, and the Flamenco Guitar it is called, at least as a working title. I’m generally happy and satisfied with the results so far. I think it’s time to pull back, collate all the material—a lot of it is on my dictaphone, a prehistoric devise I bought on the internet but seems to work well. So, pull all this together, see where I am in the process, decide where I am and where/how to proceed. Could be, I’ve got enough (more than…!) material and it’s time to begin the excruciating process of editing.

I spent a good part of the winter in Madrid and it was a great place to be. Minnesota had a ferocious few months and I can not handle that type of cold anymore: Guatemala has changed me, I guess. I saw a lot of shows, nothing of any great consequence; still, it is fine and fun to see the more “grass roots” performances and “gigs,” too. It is looking like I’ll be in Minnesota for most of the summer. I’m feeling Guatemala’s siren call, but too many activities happening here to get away.

My director, Dame Libby Komaiko, died in January. She directed the Ensemble Espanol, in Chicago. I was guitarist with them for 24 years. This weekend is a large scale homage event for her, in Chicago, and I’m driving down there to participate. Libby was a dear and lovely friend, also a huge part of my career as flamenco guitarist. I got to work with so many great artists while with the Ensemble. Her work was magnificent, her outreach was vast, the good she did was, and is, legendary. It should be an emotional and cathartic weekend.

My tango group, Rogue Tango, records a CD end of May. I’m performing an original work with my ballet dancer son, Aaron, in mid-May—his choreography to my music, entitled El Alma Preso. Lots of performances around town, finish up the book, chill out, take some walks, do some teaching: a busy summer. Maybe slip away some weekends; get back to Antigua, Guate end of August. That’s the update!