Hot Town Summer in the City

My sights are set on Guatemala, where I’m soon to return following nearly 4 months here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s been a fine time, for the most part. Weekly gigs with Rogue Tango are always a highlight. Solo gigs at Rincon 38, Ingredients, Cafe Latte along with weddings and corporate events are lucrative, fun, and provide me great opportunities to work on various technical aspects of my playing. Having some remodelling done on my home, too. It’s time to go!

Juan Pena (with enye), el Lebrijano, passed recently. My first flamenco recording was Persecucion and I’ve been a fan of him ever since. Another master fallen; the changing of the guard continues, with or without our participation.

On the “CDs” page of this website, we’ve just mounted an album very personal and very special to me. It is “Invisible Chord: Six Lorca and Siguiriyas.” The singer is my dear friend Greg Sagar, the interpretations are uniquely his. He’s a wonderfully skilled, evocative voice with considerable strength and richness. My playing is sparse, groove-oriented, with practically no falsetas as I wanted nothing to detract from his natural expression.