Improvisation—Minnesota Winters—la Busqueda—Our Bones are Thus?

A word of explanation. I’ve been writing my blog posts in a old fashioned notebook for a few months and neglecting to post them here. So, here’s to catching up!

OK. OK. Now I have 19 strategies for improvisation: they’re good, useful, easy to implement, “genial.” Most likely, no one is interested. So, for now at least, I’ll keep them, try them out, fine tune them. See what happens.

Two days until SUPER BOWL LII, here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. No Big Deal!!!! A damn football game. And, frigidly cold, snowy, a real old-style winter. It has been very nice and cozy here at home, in the house. I don’t leave too often. My son, Aaron, lives here, too. He’s a ballet dancer. My daughter, Grace, stops by a lot. I am getting good practice. Working toward my 2018 mantra (and honoring Paco de Lucia in the process): la Busqueda. Buscando mi sonido. Buscando rapidez. Buscando la verdad.

Is this my retreat into asceticism, even semi-sanyasism? We talked about it so long ago, in India—maybe 48 years ago. My connection with Guru Nanak. With Sai Baba? Retreat from commercial success into the Flamenco Jondo?

To be investigated. Our Bones Are Thus.