Our new favorite hangout:  FIRST COURSE RESTAURANT.  Its on 5607 Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis.  The owner and chef is Travis Metzger.  He is creative and skilled.  He has a good variety of tapas—medium priced and delectable.  Of course, the entrees are great, too, but you know us—we like to hang out, drink wine and munch tapas.

Travis has some very nice wines, too.  It is an intimate little bistro in a quiet and unassuming neighborhood.  As far as I know, no food critics have reviewed the place yet.  THEIR LOSS.  OUR GAIN.  Telephone is (612)825-6900.

We celebrated my friend Alberto’s birthday there and had quite the juerga going til late.  Dancing, singing, guitar and general cachandeo—muy flamenco! ( See the post re:  Flamenco Police.)