Madrid 2020 and Corona Virus

Here I am, on lock down, at my apartment in Lavapies. Ironically, the weather is magnificent, with temps in the 70s fahrenheit. Spain has been very hard hit and it happened quite suddenly. Hard to believe that when I arrived early Wednesday morning, there was little furor and no panic. That changed rapidly. For the most part, people are “social distancing” and seem to have a basically cheerful attitude.

Personally speaking, I have a nice living situation. Plenty of food and drink, a guitar, my computer, books, a nice patio to catch some sun. I’ve been reading that fresh air and sunlight are excellent in situations like this and even kill the virus. Apparently, as antibiotics were being developed, the sunlight/fresh air treatment was much played down, even abandoned. There is no travel out of Madrid now so I can not leave—I was hoping to go to Jerez and meet up with some friends, but that may not happen.

I see that I haven’t posted on this blog for 11 months. That’s because I’ve been actively engaged in writing my book. It is pretty much written now and we’ve begun the editing process. So that, too, keeps one busy during the self-imposed lock down. This has been an exciting project and I have good feelings about it. I will start posting different pages and articles from it, here on the site. I’m thinking of a Youtube vlog/channel in support of the book eventually….

The important thing, during this crisis, is to not only protect oneself, but also to do one’s best not to infect others. Many people are at grave risk right now. As the cooperative sentiment grows (along with acting on that sentiment!), I feel people can truly come together and minimize the potentially horrific outcomes. Now is the time! Medicare for All!!!!!! Free testing and free tratment for all. A billionaire’s fortune can not shield him or her from the less advantaged who can not afford to pay and have little or no insurance. And Trump has proven for once and for all that he is woefully unequipped to lead the nation. He is a criminal and an idiot and already has blood on his hands through weeks of denial and downplaying the epidemic for personal gain. HEINOUS! His presidency should be finished. I hope so! Good riddance. A shame that it took something this terrible to fully expose him and his cronies.

Enough said. Stay well friends. Socially distance yourself. But don’t forget to love your neighbor.