Madrid!! Mad-Town Here I Come

I’m continuing to copy these blog posts, originally written in my old-fashioned notebook, onto the web-site.

….And a huge snowfall in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the weekend (wait! Its mid-April!). I’m at Charles DeGaul Airport (Paris) about to complete the last leg to Madrid, once again. And, glad of it! Only 5 weeks. It is 9am in Paris and I’m holding up well, so far. First day is always difficult…had a nice cafe au lait.

Reading Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson (Georges Gurdjieff) again. The 4th time, but after a few decades: it seems slow and ponderous. Even pretentious. I’m half-way through it and bogged down.

And now, Tony Robbins not faring too well vis a vis the #metoo Movement, which, by virtue of an 11 minute video that went viral—-exposed his masculine aggression, bullying, and failure to listen/understand/empathize when most needed. Did the money he’s made, and he’s made a lot of it, work as a curse? The video of his resort, on Fiji, grossed me out.

Ah, the joys and disillusion of growing old! obat