Antigua, Guatemala—what is OBAT, anyway?

Beautiful (always!), dry, warm, cool nights.

Playing duo guitars with my friend from Barcelona, Miguel Angel Gomez, tonight at Angie Angie. Doing a bunch of Pop Flamenkito stuff featuring his fine lead guitar but also keepin’ it real (what I call real, anyway jajaja).

Our Bones Are Thus. Nuestros Huesos Son Asi. Simply OBAT for short.

My personal AUM. or Amen. Which really are “remates.” So: remates to life, its manifestations, movements, stagnation, developments, struggles, triumphs, set backs, all of it. Freed from the concept of time. Or not. Minute by minute. Hour by hour. Day by day, by week, by month, year, phase, era, by life. But, also going the other direction: by thought, ideas, concept, impulse. Emotion, too. The physical, the emotional, the mental bodies all have remates. Remates are ESSENTIAL to flamenco.