Mateo’s Musings: Studying Flamenco Guitar

I have studied with several wonderful flamenco guitarists along the way; but I have to say that Aquilino Jimenez, el Entri, has a most effective method of teaching and I recommend him 100%.  His could be called the “School of Canyarroto”(the Gypsy barrio of Madrid) and has produced many great guitarists:  Ramon Jimenez, Viejin, Jesus de Rosario plus the late Manzanita (a favorite of mine!) as well as the legendary el Nani.  And there are a good number of up and coming monsters, too.

At el Entri’s suggestion, and with his blessing, I seek to run my Sunday flamenco technique class precisely as he does his.  It is intense.  It is difficult, uncompromising and somewhat relentless.  It also gets huge results.  Unfortunately, I find it is a little too much so for many American aficionados—they seem to prefer private study to the group setting.  It saddens me because I love teaching this class and I love playing along with everyone and I especially love sharing all his insights and inspirations.  I INVITE GUITARISTS OF ALL LEVELS TO CHECK OUT THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! Feel free to contact me through the website ([email protected]) for more info.

I have come to see that many guitarists lack two skills essential to guitar progress:  knowing how to PRACTICE and knowing how to MEMORIZE.  I really want to share some ideas about these aspects.  I am delighted at input from readers, by the way.