Menu del Dia: Madrid

The menu of the day. Its offered pretty much everywhere in Madrid. Usually costs around 10 euros ($11.50). Today, for my 10 euros, I had:

1st course: a succulent plate of Paella Valenciana. 2nd course: grilled mero (grouper) with a tossed salad (oil and vinegar dressing); Spanish style baguette with a bottle of la Mancha wine, dessert of arroz con leche (rice pudding)—-everything simple, healthy, and simply delicious. No fuss, no big deal, no paragraph long descriptions of each morsel….oh, yes, they offered me a complimentary aperitif, as well.

We, in the US, like to boast of our foodie culture, James Beard awards, on and on—but, unless, you’re really prepared to drop some big bucks, you get basic bar food. I’m sorry. That’s the way I see it. Greasy, lowest cost ingredients, served with a sneer, don’t forget to add 20%, eat fast so we can turn over the table. I’ve been living off and on in Madrid since 1980 and the food scene just gets better and better. Quietly.