MUSAFIR: House Concert on November 12th in Minneapolis Minnesota!

I’m back in Minneapolis, Mn once again. I couldn’t miss voting in this year’s (super important) election. Plus, I do love it here; family, friends, and a great tango band, among other delights.

This week, we’re hosting a musical event we’re calling Musafir. This means “traveler” in several languages. It takes place on Saturday, November 12th. My friend, Peter Susag, is featured playing the Afghan rubab, Steven Spaise will play middle-eastern percussion. I’ll be playing flamenco guitar, mostly the
Moorish palos like Danza Mora, Zambra, Tango de Grana’. It won’t be an evening of fusion—we’re looking for exploration, innovation, improvisation, all within a traditional framework. Its an exciting endeavor!

The seating is very limited and is by invitation. If you’d like to attend but haven’t been invited (bad on me!) please email or Facebook me for the address and details. We expect this to be the first of many “Saturday Soirees” that will highlight great music not easily found in a club, bar, or restaurant, or even on the concert stage.