November 2014, Madrid: Lots of Shows

Here’s a quick recap of the flamenco shows I’ve been seeing this month. Its been FANTASTIC!

November 7th—Compania Rocio Molina: Bosque Ardora. Remarkable talent, exciting show. Really creative. 2 trombones and guitar with cante and percussion did the music. Her final piece was a solea’ in which she danced the finest escobilla I’ve ever witnessed, bar none. Teatro Canal.

November 8th—Ines Bacan accompanied by Antonio Moya. Pure and essential flamenco. Fabulous! Fundacion Casa Patas

November 12th—Paco de Lucia: la Busqueda. A brand new documentary done by his son, Curro Sanchez. Moving and important. Cinema Renoir.

November 13th—Josemi Carmona (guitar) with Javier Colina (bass). Jazz flamenco (something that interests me very much!). Lots of high points, maybe a little too rich in bass-solos. Jorge Pardo (flute) sat in on a couple of themes. Fun night! OffatlaLatina.

November 14th—Cafe Central: I’m told it is going to close and this is shameful. Spanish jazz crooner Pedro Ruy-Blas was “regular”.

November 15th—Compania Manuel Linan: Nomada. Unrelentingly jondo that got a little wearying—3 magnificent singers (Miguel Ortega, Maguel Lavi, David Carpio), 2 excellent guitarists (Victor Marquez “El Tomate,” Fran Vinuesa)who REALLY got down. Linan (excuse the missing enyes) danced a caracole in bata de cola with brilliant manton work to end the show and bring the house down. Teatro Canal.

November 16th—Juglar in Lavapies has a very good cuadro flamenco performance most every Sunday that is highly recommended. My friend, Jeni Benavides, danced very well, indeed!