OMG! Long Time No Post!

This is ridiculous and I’m ashamed! Does anyone read my blog anyway? In any event, it is a lovely late autumn day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m taking a break from my marathon sessions of playing guitar. Since switching to the “pomodoro” method of organizing my time, I have had several break-throughs. Practice is never a drudgery and now a Great Day is a Guitar Day of 4 or more hours of playing, in a variety of styles. I discuss this technique on a YouTube video I made (The Best Practice Hack Ever! Or some such hyperbolic title). Oh, yes—the YouTube link is scottmateodavies or The Intrepid Guitar.

My broken wrist is healed, at last, and I’ve returned to my former performances at clubs, restaurants, and all kinds of venues. I did acquire some tendonitis in the left hand and wrist. However, the more hours I play, the better it feels and the less it inhibits me. The insights gained from the entire nightmarish experience offset the small loss of mobility, I feel. I have gained a deep sympathy and empathy for those who suffer anxiety. My anxiety was crippling and sleep became a real problem. I started taking small amounts of melatonin at night. I completely cut out caffeine and marijuana and Ibuprofin and CBDs. I gradually regained a degree of equanimity and, finally, I once again experience deep, glorious sleep. What an incredible luxury that I always took for granted.

Covid-19 is still with us. I’m now triple-vaccinated and also got the flu shot. Still, while returning from Guatemala 5 weeks ago, I tested positive after several days, quarantined and beat it, with only a lingering partial loss of taste and smell. I’d tested negative in Guatemala the day before returning. So, break-through cases are a real deal, too, as practically no-one doubts. People!! Get it together and Get the Jab!!

I do stand by my credo of the last few posts: Embrace Creativity. Seek Tranquility. Practice Compassion. I shall seek to live out my days following this credo. It really resonates within me, having never cared much for religion. As a 20 year old, living in South India, I converted to Hinduism. I guess the Hindu teachings most appeal to me of everything I’ve encountered. The rise of Hindu Nationalism is most disturbing, however. Japa yoga, Nama yoga, Bhakti yoga all attract me deeply. I’ll post again soon. It is time to stop.