Palm Beach….really?

Yes, really.  Here I am, day 7 in that impossibly gorgeous, quaint little slip of unreality which is Palm Beach, Florida.  I’m staying at the Colony Hotel.  It is elegant, to say the least.

I’ve been playing in the trio that backs up Tony Sandler.  He’s one of the last ones from that great era of nightclub entertainers from Sinatra onward.  It is an experience I cherish and I love the music we’re playing, too! 

The gig finished a couple of days ago but it has been impossible to get a flight out to Minneapolis.  The Fox TV images of the Metrodome collapsing only tell part of the story.  The temperatures have plunged to below zero and there is some 2 feet of fresh snow, with drifts that are formidable. 

For the most part, the temps here have been in the 70s, with locals complaining of the cold.  I just took a walk around town, sat in a surrealistic little garden, walked along the Atlantic.  I stumbled through a heady, intoxication of ylang-ylang that nearly bowled me over (my favorite scent…).  I guess it was a bush alongside the sidewalk–I’m not sure but I won’t soon forget the effect.

I have a flight to Minneapolis booked for tomorrow morning so I expect I’ll be shovelling snow within 24 hours…..more unreality.

Christmas concert with Tony Sandler next Sunday (Dec 19th) at the Women’s Club in Minneapolis.  New Year’s Eve at the First Course Bistro and late-night at Solera, playing with fine musicians and featuring Rachel “la Mala” on Gypsy songs and flamenco.  Then its off to Madrid in early January for 2 1/2 weeks.

Happy Holidays everyone!