PALO. one.

In tribute to poema del cante jondo:  la solea’ a garcia lorca

Mother she lies buried not far from us all giver of life nurturer through infancy

through adolescence inescapable reminder of my roots constant upholder

of values now put away risen above finally overcome yet there they are

and the vital force which infuses all coursing the veins of the solea’ most

majestic most proud timeless quejio so she intones throughout the ages

my age shatters to nothingness my tiny weight felt a paper boat in the onrush

ing current ever so slowly magic ascends i feel it too powerless to resist it is unnecessary

A handful of tonos monotonously intone they enchant they encant they enchant

beyond plane’s timeless historic epochs the life as i know it

i am in a very different ambient stark yes stark primitive completely and totally

and so completely unaffected untouched unmoving serene unbroken la solea’

each perfect delicate little remate unfolds to the next phrase la falseta rests a moment

chiming her small voice connecting the dots time without end.