Barrio Longfellow

Barrio Longfellow (2012)

Mandrágora Tango & Bionik

Barrio Longfellow is the final recording of Mandragora Tango. It is a musical collaboration between Scott Mateo Davies (guitar and oud), Laura Harada (violin), Bob Barnes (bandoneon) and producer/engineer Bionik. All are residents of the South Minneapolis neighborhood known as Longfellow, which was forever immortalized by the 2020 summer protests following the murder of George Floyd. The CD is a collection of classic Argentine tangos interspersed with original tangos written by Davies and Barnes. It was recorded in 2012 and remains a testament to the excellent musical and compositional skills of this authentic tango band which made numerous tours throughout the tango communities of the East coast of the US, from Boston to Miami.


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Barrio Longfellow (2012)
Decadencia Porteña
Track List
  1. El Pato Zambullidor Argentino (Barnes)
  2. Decadencia Porteño (Davies)
  3. Passacaglia (Barnes)
  4. Patotero Sentimental (Joves’)
  5. Duelo Criollo (Rezzano)
  6. Miaou (Barnes)
  7. Los Verdes y Amarillos (Barnes)
  8. Cafe con Limon (Barnes)
  9. Los Ejes de mi Carreta (Yupanqui)
  10. Barrio Longfellow (Barnes)
  11. Locura (Davies), Beid El-Jinn (Barnes)
  12. Duelo Criollo Remix (Rezzano)