Paths of Convergence

Convergence by Scott Mateo Davies

With Paths of Convergence, his first solo release, Scott “Mateo” Davies seeks to share his love for the musical forms that have shaped his artistry by bringing together contemporary Flamenco, Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Nuevo and the innovative folk songs of Bob Dylan with the music of the Moorish Empire.

Scott “Mateo” Davies: vocals, guitar, ‘ud’ · Victor Babella: Zarb, darbuqa, khashabi (2, 3, 5) · Mick LaBriola: Congas, bongos, darbuqa, cajon (4, 8, 9, 10) · Maria Elena, “La Cordobesa”: Flamenco vocal (7) · George al Masrie: Riqq (5) · Juan Ramon & Jorge Perez: Palmas (handclaps) (3, 8) · Stefon Taylor: Programming (4, 10)

Recorded in April 1995


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Convergence by Scott Mateo Davies
Taksim Kurd
Track List
  1. Taksim Kurd
  2. Jaleos Bagdadi
  3. De San Pablo a Madrid, tangos flamencos
  4. All Along the Watchtower
  5. Longa Farahfaza
  6. Verano Porteño
  7. Soleá a mi Mare
  8. Inspiracíon Flamenca, bulerias
  9. Quita ‘L Tas
  10. Watchtower, dub mix
  11. Cavatina
  12. Taksim Kurd (reprise)