Rogue Tango: Nostalgias CD

Rogue Tango: Nostalgias (2020)

ROGUE TANGO is the creation of Scott Mateo Davies. He is the leader, musical director and guitarist for the quartet, which is devoted to authentic and live performance of Argentine Tango, traditional and modern. They are especially popular at playing for tango dance events (called “milongas”) and, with their lineup of virtuosic players, excel in the concert situation as well.

Their first full-length recording is entitled “Nostalgias.” It should delight all types of listeners. Violinist Wendy Tangen Foster and pianist Joseph Strachan deliver a degree of interpretative and improvisational musicianship which is often breathtaking. Bassist Peter Susag and guitarist Mateo provide solid, even hypnotic accompaniment, deep grooves, and true tango feel throughout. The result is a tango recording of world class level.

There are 11 tracks; 4 traditional tangos, 2 tango waltzes, 3 milongas, and 2 modern tangos, also called “Tangos Nuevos.” Passionate, committed, joyful excellence.


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Rogue Tango: Nostalgias (2020)
Track 7: La Garua
Track List
  1. La Ultima Curda (Anibal Troilo) 5:33
  2. Rio Sena (Astor Piazzolla) 3:23
  3. Rivalite’ (J. Colombo and CDI Duca) 3:32
  4. Nostalgias: (Juan Carlos Cobian) 3:42
  5. Milonga Triste (Sebastian Plana) 3:52
  6. El Esquinazo (Angel Villoldo) 3:10
  7. La Garua (Pedro Laurenz) 3:16
  8. Mozo Guapo (Ricardo Tanturi) 4:04
  9. Romance de Barrio (Anibal Troilo) 3:32
  10. Vuelvo al Sur (Astor Piazzolla) 6:29
  11. Sentimientos (Andres’ Linetzky & Ernesto Romeo) 5:39