Right now, I’m in the midst of a really exciting project.  I am playing guitar with the Georges Lammam Ensemble, accompanying the Jawaahir Dance Company in a series of concerts.  This is the second and final week of shows:  they are at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis, MN (southerntheater.

The show is very good and the band is great!  There are 10 musicians and they are world-class (bueno—I’m bustin’ my *** to keep up with them…).  Georges Lammam is an amazing violinist (from Beirut) and the music director.  His brother, Elias, is a virtuoso accordionist.  Palestinian oud player Naser Musa and Nicolai Ruskin on nay (wooden flute),  Miles Jay (bass), Salah Fattah and Laura Harada (violins) are joined by percussionists Susu Pampinenand Tim O’Keefe.

The music is not easy and contains some very unusual and modern material.  Several pieces are by Charbel Rouhana, contemporary Lebanese oud master.  I am just so turned on by this guy’s expressive, creative, dynamic style.  It is inspiring to be a part of all this.

We have shows this Wednesday and Thursday (August 19 and 20, 7:30PM), Friday and Saturday (Aug 21 and 22 at 8PM), and Sunday (Aug 23 at 7PM). Box office number is 612-340-1725.