September Musings: the RNC and more

The Republicans have come and gone from the Minnesota landscape. Less than 60 days to go before we elect the new Agent of Change—I thought that was Obama’s message but it seems McCain has stolen a page from the Obama playbook….


I am very happy and satisfied and content with the outcome of our gigs for the RNC-affiliated parties. The World Music Collective, as I called it, had two successful and fun nights of parties at Solera Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. The Collective consisted of 12 musicians and 8 dancers and featured continuous performance of Argentine tango, North-African Rai as well as Spanish flamenco. All the members stepped up and delivered great shows. The audiences were enthusiastic and, without exception, well….nice!

So much for the Culture Wars. I was dismayed to hear Sarah Palin’s attempts to re-ignite the fires of divisiveness (division?) just when it was starting to seem that both parties had tacitly agreed not to do that this time around. And, since when is “Community Organizer” a dirty word? Not only that— I love big cities.  Hate hockey.  And hunting.
Then, a great thing happened to me: I was invited to accompany the Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theater as guest guitarist on their upcoming tour of China. How very exciting! I am honored.

But this is the subject of a separate post.