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Love, Magic and the Guita by Scott Mateo Davies

Love, Magic and the Guitar

A book by Scott Mateo Davies. Biographical information, musical insights, helpful advice, outspoken ideas. Volver al principio. Return to the beginning.

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Meditation Sleep Relax by Scott Mateo Davies

Meditation · Sleep · Relax

Music for Meditation, Sleep, and Relaxation. Free download.

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Rogue Tango: Nostalgias

Rogue Tango is the creation of Scott Mateo Davies, the leader, musical director and guitarist for the quartet, together with violinist Wendy Tangen Foster, pianist Joseph Strachan, and bassist Peter Susag, Rogue Tango is devoted to authentic and live performance of Argentine Tango, traditional and modern.

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invisible chord

Invisible Chord

Six Lorca and Siguiriyas. Gregory Sagar vocals, Scott Mateo Davies guitar

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caravana flamenca Scott Matteo Davies

Caravana Flamenca

A Flamenco Journey by Scott Mateo Davies. Intense interpretations of modern and traditional flamenco…and more.

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Barrio Longfellow

Mandrágora Tango: a musical collaboration between Scott Mateo Davies (guitar and oud), Laura Harada (violin), Bob Barnes (bandoneon) and producer/engineer Bionik.

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Convergence by Scott Mateo Davies

Paths of Convergence

In his first solo release, Mateo shares his love for the musical forms that have shaped his artistry by bringing together contemporary Flamenco, Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Nuevo and the innovative folk songs of Bob Dylan with the music of the Moorish Empire.

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More Recordings (out of stock)
Scott Mateo Davies
Works in Progress

Tracks from my newest recording project – versions of a new project of Flamenco Grooves that Mateo is working on…..more to come!

Mandrágora Tango Demo
Mandragora Tango Live 2007

Live tracks recorded in 2007 with Scott Mateo on guitar, Bob Barnes on bandoneón, Christian Zamora on violin and Rahn Yanes on bass.

Let's Have Dinner by Mandagora Tango
Let’s Have Dinner and Go Dancing

A collection of tangos, vals (waltzes) and milongas (2-steps) recorded in 2005.

My Grandmother’s Story

My friend Allison Herrera commissioned me to write the musical sound track for an independent film project she was embarking upon.