Springtime has finally come to Minnesota which means grilling and—SANGRIA!  Check out my recipe/formula for this high-octane concoction right here on my blog.  Its an earlier post from last summer or the year before.

The legendary singer from Cadiz, Chano Lobato, passed on April 5th of this year.  I got to hear him maybe 8 times and he had a special gracia that was unforgetable.  He joins so many singers who have passed the last 5 years or so—Fernanda, Chocolate, Sordera, La Paquera.  Its the passing of a whole generation of greats.  He was 82.

I am excited to be returning to Madrid in a month.  It’s been two years now and I am soooo ready.

Mandragora Tango is nearing completion of our new CD.  I think it’ll be titled “Siete Tandas” with reference to the practice of playing a (usually) three song grouping of similar tunes—say three by Pugliese or by Piazzolla or Troilo or 3 milongas or waltzes.  This will be a very dancer-friendly recording as well as feature some really nice playing.  Mostly, it is just really indicative of how Mandragora sounds right now.  We’ve been taking our time recording it, doing some new arrangements and just trying to get it right.

Mandragora Tango will be doing a pre-CD Release fundraiser on May 2nd, 2009 from 9PM till late.  It’ll be held at Zorongo Flamenco Studios, 3012 Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis, MN.  Bob the bandoneon player is baking hot pretzels and I’m doing my sangria.  We promise a super-fun evening.

La Bodega Tapas Bar of Minneapolis, Minnesota closed recently.  The Bodega had a real commitment to live flamenco since it opened 8 years ago.  Sad to see them go.

You can hear Maryanna’s music if you go to KFAI Fresh Air Radio’s website (Google it).  Then go to their archives and find Corazon Latino for March 3rd, 2009.  It is a beautiful and fitting tribute to a great artist.  We all miss her.