I am going to reproduce a little-known writing of Krishnaji.  It is written about Sai Baba of Shirdi, not to be confused with the present day Satya Sai Baba, who, it seems, was not one of Krishnaji’s favorites.  I had the great fortune of visiting Shirdi a couple of times and I found it nothing short of a magical place, even 50 years after Sai Baba’s passing.


For God Sai Baba was His Beloved.   He in his infinite love showered every Grace on Baba.

For Sai Baba the True Fakir, God was his only Beloved.  Like all True Lovers of God he shared all the treasures received by him from God with the innumerable people who flocked to him to be blessed.  True love of a mortal for God makes him immortal.  Such a one annihilates himself and gets merged in God.  Sai Baba is one such.  I say “IS” deliberately as Sai Baba always IS.  To love him is to love God.

There are millions who offer their worshipful homage to the Great Master.  One can, like Meera glorify him with celestial music that wells up in the heart of a Lover.  If one had the enlightenment of Kabir then one could reveal to the world the hidden glory of his mystic life.  If you have the courage and fearless love of Guru Gobind Singh–only then you can give your head as an offering.  If you are fortunate to be blessed with the love that Saint Francis had for God and man–then your offering is a life of service to one and all.

By the Grace of Baba it is possible to be intoxicated with Divine Love like Rabia, and then there is nothing left to offer by way of worship.

For one like me the only offering I can make is to be lost in Silence.

Far more sacred than all these is His Grace.  This Grace is precious both to the sinner and the saint.  Everything else may fail to save the world at this crucial period in human history.  His Grace has the power to bring humanity together in Love.  The day is not far off for the triumph of Love and Truth.

Everything in nature proclaims God’s Infinite Love for His beings.  God has given man the capacity to love and live as one family.  It is tragic that even the so called great personalities of this age do not dedicate their lives to the removal of the barriers that divide humanity.  Most of the national and religious leaders of today are blind with power.  Religion can not afford to be exclusive.  Therefore True religion can be neither orthodox nor heterodox.  The happiness of the one depends on the happiness of the many and vice versa.  One in Love, one in Truth, one in God is man.

The enlightened one does not belong to any closed group or nation.  He is capable of bringing humanity together, dissolving all differences, in His Infinite Love for one and all.  Such a one need not give sermons or expound any philosophy, old or new.  When words fail, then in Silence and all alone he expresses Love and Truth.  In Silence, he receives the love of his lovers and in Silence he loves even those who deny him.

He who knows does not speak                                                                                                  He who speaks does not know                                                                                                  He who is truthful is not showy                                                                                                He who is showy is not truthful                                                                                                He who is virtuous does not dispute                                                                                        He who disputes is not virtuous                                                                                                He who is learned is not wise                                                                                                    He who is wise is not learned

Therefore the Sage does not display his own merits.


(This is the Baba Krishnaji I want to remember….)