So, I need your help here….

Winter came early to Minneapolis, Minnesota—no preamble, no warning—just here it is.: Take that, loser!  I AM NOT DEPRESSED ABOUT IT, OK?  I’m just feeling…a little…sensitive, shall we say?

I’m doing some very nice holiday parties, some nice club dates, eating well, nice wine, playing a lot of guitar, life is good—

OK.  What I’m trying to say is…I’ve been writing poetry.  I call it “Palo” and it’s an attempt to get at the deep stuff that underlies the flamenco forms.  Kinda like cross-training.  I’m not writing letras, no.  I’m trying to write about the way the form—be it solea’ or siguiriyas or whatever—makes me feel and what I’m processing while I play it.  Not trying to be New-Agey or Renaissance Man.  I’m actually a little embarrassed by the whole thing.  Yet, there is a nagging little voice (I am no longer married so it must be my own….) saying, “Go on.  Get it out there.  You have a blog.  USE IT!”

So, give me feed back.  I will stop.  I will nip it.  Or, with your kind consideration, dear reader, I will continue, at least for a while.

And so, in a monumental leap of faith, HERE GOES!