Minneapolis, Minnesota,USA:  I woke up to a liberal (?) dusting of snow today.  Temperature has dropped, too.  Damn!  Could it be the end of a marcha (as in “mucha marcha,” andaluz for a “really good time”)?  Since Thanksgiving, Thursday last, it’s been pretty much non-stop.

It has been a while since my last blog-post.  I have nothing to say.  This is not a bad thing.

I will say this:  I love playing Wayne Shorter’s “Footprints” por bulerias, in A minor with cejilla on the 3rd fret.  Really works well and interfaces beautifully with any funky A minor bulerias stuff.

“Equinox”por taranto.  “So What?” with dropped D, kinda danza mora-like.

I love playing what I call “flamenco-infused jazz” and lately I’ve been doing some gigs with a trio of young, up-and-coming jazzers, the “Nick Haas Trio.”  Very nice players, they have a fresh and crisp sound, they are tasteful and all over the compas’ of the flamenco palos (in a very good way).  We’re doing some late-night things at the Dakota Bar and Grill in downtown Minneapolis.  Looking for a few opportunities….

I’ll be going out on the road with Mandragora Tango in mid January.  I’m excited about it.

Oh yes.  And Christmas, too.  The Nutcracker.  The Solstice.  New Years.  and life.