The Flamenco Police: To Protect and Serve

The ultimate put-down—“that’s not flamenco!”

No more explanation needed.  That’s it.  It’s just not flamenco.

(And just who are these almighty arbiters of taste and refinement and purity?)

I have seen the enemy…..and they are US!  Every time we, with our paucity of knowledge and poorly disguised guilt—we are guilty of being extranjeros—wittingly or otherwise mouth these seemingly innocuous 3 little words—we are…we are…WHAT ARE WE?

We are co-conspirators in a vicious and, yes, evil design to bring a state of fascism down upon ourselves.  Well,  we’ll be safe because we are on the inside.  We are the ones blowing the whistle.  And woe to the rest of those poor aficionados who dared venture outside the limits of what is truly:  FLAMENCO.

They shall burn in payo-hell.