The Passing of Sri Baba Krishnaji part II

I have received a good deal of very interesting feedback regarding my first post on Baba’s passing.  Thank you everyone.  Please read the comments that follow the post and, particularly, read the biography of Meher Baba, as mentioned.  It makes for fascinating reading.

I heard a great many stories from Baba about his days with Meher Baba.  So I was not in the least bit surprised by what I read.  He had explanations pertaining to all the specific instances cited.  I was hoping to have some light shed on the question of just who was this man and how does everything fit together?  Unfortunately, at this point,  I am no closer to understanding.

I do have some writings of the late Mouni Baba that are, most likely, not well known.  I will post them before long, I promise.  I met him in 1969 and I was present as much of the excavation was being done on the cave in Malabar.  A close friend suggested Baba was to Meher Baba what Judas Iscariot was to Jesus Christ:  the Beloved who was indicated by fate to betray his Master so as to fulfill the prophesies.  A provocative point of view, but not one to be dismissed lightly.  Certainly, Mouni Baba brought out some of the worst (!) in Meher Baba’s circle….