Thoughts and Observations October ‘09

Summer has departed—alas, always too soon.

I do love the Major League Baseball playoffs and the “World” Series (still looking to see Afghanistan win it all….)

I’ll be in Chicago this Friday evening, along with Mandragora Tango, as we release our new CD—Siete Tandas—at the American Tango Institute on 325 N Hoyne just out of the loop.  I always love playing in Chicago—love the city, the people, the food, the Cubs/Wrigley—and I’m already savoring the flavors of the Indian cuisine up on Devon Avenue.  Oh yes, and I love their Tango scene, too.

Then it’ll be a hurry back to play solo at the Seward Art Fair in South Minneapolis on Saturday afternoon.  I’ll be at the Birchwood Cafe which is a favorite haunt.

Mercedes Sosa died….what an incredible, elemental force and presence and voice and such a part of my listening for 3 decades.  Todo Cambia….

Quickie CD Reviews:  Nina Pastori “Esperando Verte”—REGULAR mas flamenco que antes pero no me mata.   Tampoco “Nina de Fuego” by Buika.  “Suenos de Mimbre” by Rocio Ruiz—por favor dejame en paz.  “Jondura” by Parilla de Jerez—me duele.  El Pele’s latest “Ocho Guitarras y un Piano”—troubling because I adore Pele but this CD flat-out sucks.  The only one I truly like is Vicente Amigo’s “Paseo de Gracia” and that because of 3 or 4 tracks that are amazing amazing (like “Autoretrato”).  Forgive me omitting the “enye” but my computer won’t cooperate today.

Cruising Youtube—how awesome sounds Pedro Bacan playing for Funi and the Gastor brothers and Son de Frontera—-000000000leeeeeeeee!!

Uh-oh.  I started playing the oud again: got all inspired by Charbel Rouhana and Naser Musa—fun fun fun.  Plus I spread all my guitars out all over the house so I’m playing them all everyday—even borrowed a Gibson SG for added excitement.  Since I’m not working quite so much this is an excellent time to play guitar and play guitar and play guitar.  What a LUXURY!!

That’s it.