Tonight’s Debate: two commentaries

Hillary versus Obama:  who will it be and who’s better equipped to take on McCain?  I’m a flamenco guitarist—but I’m stepping out here and speaking my mind.  I’m also inviting my close friend,  Cesar Alberto Blanco (from Guatemala), to share his observations.  Me first!

Hillary needed to come up big.  She was very good.  She almost scored a knockout with her closing statement.  I think she also recognized that Liberals finally have two candidates they can really feel good about.  What a luxury!  We are all so sick of dirty politicking—we’re trying to see the “big picture.”  So, don’t take personal shots at your opponent.  Hillary is very qualified, brilliant, and would make a fine president.

Barack Obama is perhaps (or clearly…) less qualified than she.  But he can inspire.  He just seems a truly commited (and very eloquent) man—and he is nice.  I love his wife.  He came off as, probably, a little less “presidential” than Hillary but he, too, was very good.  She’s a fighter, he’s less of that, she has more baggage—he might have a tougher time with McCain.

Bottom line:  Obama’s on a roll and tonight’s debate didn’t do enough to stop that.  Barack Obama is the next President of the United States and—when reality hits home—on day two or three or ten of his term—we’ll all be there with him.  I’m counting on, for once, it won’t be politics as usual.

Alberto writes:

In the past months, most Democrats have been struggling to make up their minds to choose their next party runner for the White House.  They are not to blame since the two options they are given represent the finest the party has produced in the last two elections.

I, too, was puzzled.  Obama’s charisma and uniting message is so alluring and refreshing.  Clinton’s record and experience so reassuring. But, after tonight’s debate, I can safely affirm that Ms. Hillary Clinton has convinced me that she deserves the presidency because after the pandemonium that Bush has created, it will take an experienced and determined leader to clean up the mess.

I like Obama, but we desperately need clear solutions to the nation’s problems.

I have seen in the past two elections people voting their feelings and not their brains and  I think this time will not be different, but I know for sure that whether Obama or Hillary, anyone will be better for America than George Bush.

Hillary es mejor pero creo que Obama va a ganar.