Un Tiro al Aire

Spring is in the air!  Minnesota snowbanks are (gradually…) diminishing.  Healthcare reform is languishing.  Obama has my undying support and how I do feel for him.  Students are running around in t-shirts, it is 43 degrees, my kid is actually doing his homework (!), unemployment hovers at about 10%.

And me—oh, yeah.  Not much work this week, another nice East coast tour in the works for April—tangueando—and I’m trying to set up a little flamenco tour between here and Kansas City but we’re short one strong dancer.   Hmmm—anybody out there wanna go to KC?

So, next week we’re planning a house concert.  It’ll showcase Rachel la Mala’s wonderful cante.  Any readers near Minneapolis contact me and we’ll guide you to the spot.  It should be a fine concert and probably a wild juerga, as well.

I gotta say the sevillanas of Moraito’s is just too cool.  Feria del Caballo, it is.  Very Arabic, to my ears. I know its been out for years now but lately I’m lovin’ that sound and also lovin’ the Moron sound more than ever before—I’ve come full circle, maybe.  Son de Frontera is a favorite group of mine.  And Antonio Carrion.  I’m making a strong push for la Reunion en la Puebla de Cazalla this year.  Really want to go.  I just hate leaving Minnesota the one time of the year that it is so great here—you know, my grillin’/sangria/guitar-on-the-gazebo thing.

I’m planning on doing some recording next week—try to get some flamenco-dub mixes down.  I’ll put ’em up on the site here if they turn out.  I do have a couple of jazz tracks with sax and cello that turned out that I will put up.  It’s just that I’m such a Luddite that I need help uploading music….(at least I admit it).

And, hey, readers, please buy my Caravana Flamenca CD.  Also the Siete Tandas CD I did with Mandragora Tango.  It isn’t often that a musician is actually satisfied with his sound and his playing on a recording—so, when he is, he needs to speak up!  You need to go to mandragoratango.com for Siete Tandas.  Or CD Baby for either.  Or don’t.  No pressure!!