Utterly Fascinated, Nearly Dumbstruck…

…the 4 year old remains glued to the black and white TV screen. Les Paul accompanies his wife, singer Mary Ford. He plays a black Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar. The guitar is gorgeous, the playing out-of-this-world.

It is the coolest thing young Matias has ever experienced, and, when it’s over: “Mamma, Mamma! I wanna play guitar! Just like him!” He will not be put off. He continues badgering his poor mother until she gives in, saying, “Let’s see about this tomorrow.”

Next morning, she’s on the phone trying to arrange lessons. She is told they won’t teach a 4 year old; he must wait until he’s 8. This is the 50s, after all. Matias is, uncharacteristically, quiet about it. He holds his tongue, bides his time.

A few years pass. School, play, books, friends, siblings, picnics. Then Boy Scouts, football, baseball.

Finally, his 8th birthday! “Don’t you like your presents, Honey? And, chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream is your favorite!” “Mamma, can I start guitar lessons now? That’s all I want! Please!”

Within days, Matias begins his new life, a guitar-centric life. 15 years later, he has a vintage black Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar of his own. Thousands of gigs later, he still has it. Still plays it on occasion. Although a Flamenco guitarist now—he owns several nylon string Spanish guitars, as well as an oud—the love affair with his Les Paul has never ended.