Way-Past-Due Update….

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA:  this is where I find myself these days.  Since mid-March, I’ve been here playing lots of great gigs and just generally enjoying springtime.  It is beautiful!

Before returning here, I was accompanying two very fine Flamenco artists—in Antigua, Guatemala.  I’ve greatly stepped down my involvement in the restaurant (Angeline: segunda calle poniente #3, Antigua, Guate) which has freed me up for some exciting musical projects.  El Chele de Cadiz and la Cuca de Grana’ are really wonderful flamencos.  I enjoyed every moment with them (I anticipate many more!).

My son, Aaron, is returning to Guate in two weeks—he’s been invited to train with Ballet Nacional de Guatemala for a couple of months.  I hope to get back during that time, also.

In Minneapolis, I continue playing solo guitar gigs at Rincon 38 (Wednesdays and Thursdays), accompanying flamenco dance on weekends at la Ceiba, leading Rogue Tango on Sundays at the Loring Pasta Bar, doing the odd date at Caffe Latte and Ingredients. Lately, I’ve become part of an ensemble with Hindustani singer Pooja Goswami Pavan, who is a world class singer of Sufi songs.

Have Guitar.  Will Travel.