Weekend Madness!

Antigua, Guatemala, Sunday evening

Beirut. Paris. 2nd Democratic debate. Rhonda Rousey..? Hmmmm

And rain in Antigua. I’m staying at the Sin Ventura Hotel, near Parque Central (not the same Parque Central as where all the political intrigue happened earlier; that was in the capital, this is peaceful, little Antigua). It’s clean (I like that!). It’s noisy (doesn’t really bother me). Has an unbelievable 3rd floor open terrace where no-one goes. It has become my office, my practice area, my place to entertain. Incredible view of this picturesque place, surrounded by volcanoes. One of them—Fuego, it is called—has been erupting for 4 days now. Not really too problematic but worth keeping an eye on.

Lots and lots of guitar. And that’s the way I want it. Even performing means less to me these days—I’m obsessed with playing, practicing; playing things at 1/3 or 1/2 tempo; seeking my SOUND. Apart from that, I am doing a few gigs: with Regina, la Cuca de Grana’; with Miguel Angel, my close friend from Barcelona.

Just finished the autobiography of Arthur Rubinstein, legendary pianist. Very inspiring. As a result, I’ve been watching/listening to a lot of piano on youtube. Chopin mostly. Now reading Bob Dylan’s book from 2004, entitled “Chronicles.” Not surprisingly, he’s an excellent writer. Super insightful stuff!

I’m soon to return to Minneapolis to close out the year. Even have a birthday to (try to…)ignore. Christmas-time to me is all about the Nut Cracker—this year my son, Aaron, dances the title role. I am ridiculously proud and plan on taking in several of his shows.

I’ve also been doing some study on ISIS. What to say? I respectfully suggest everyone study up on ISIS. They’re not soon to go away.

Guatemala continues to grow on me. It is, essentially, a happy place.