Winter Escape part Two

I realize I should be blogging this stuff as it happens—I wrote everything down but didn’t have good access to a computer until now so forgive the time lag, please….

Day Four Saturday 8th January

Rain. Rain. Rain.  We went out for coffee/chocolate/churros and shopping and dinner but miserable weather.   The evening was a delight, however.  We went to Anya’s home for an impromptu penya with David Serva playing guitar and 4 singers including Rachel: great ambiente!  I got to play a little guitar, myself.  Out for still more drinks following that, ending up at Bar Recoba—a favorite late-night spot of mine for many years, an Argentine Pizzeria owned by un personaje se llama Franco.  Home very late.

Day Five Sunday

We got up in time to meet my friend Max (English-born guitarist, now Spanish citizen called Manolo Segura) and ride the bus out to Moratalaz for a noon penya flamenca.  Rachel sang–a great experience for her and she did quite well.  She (and I)  were particularly touched by the deep aficion’ shown by the mostly aged crowd.  Some beautiful voices, too.  We went to David’s for dinner, hanging out with Clara and him til late, meeting Anya even later at ArteBar (there was an Argentine penya there that was, well, scintillating).

Day 6 Monday the 10th

We got up early (sorta…) in time to check out of the hotel and get to the bus station.  Had breakfast there and caught the bus to Cordoba.  I love riding the bus through la Mancha and Valdepenyas,  across the Sierras and into Andalusia.  I never tire of it, forget the Ave!  A beautiful ride and temps in the 60s!  My dear friend (whom I hadn’t seen for 5 years) Dani picked us up and we’re staying with him, his wife Cheli, and their 15 month-old guapo, Felix.  We went out for delectable tapas Cordobesas.