ZOOM Classes During Trying Times….

I am back in Minneapolis MN after grabbing a last-minute flight out of Madrid. O’Hare airport was—–harrowing, to say the least. We are all attempting to deal with this very difficult time. At the very least, it is an EXCELLENT time to stay at home, set up a regular practice schedule and Play alot of Guitar!!

I think it is important to keep your spirits (relatively) high, stay cheerful, take care of your personal appearance and maintain some type of routine. I’m starting to do alot of teaching and I’m having good luck with ZOOM. Normally, my teaching is pretty limited to around 8 students of flamenco guitar. But, since I’m not doing any live shows—I’m expanding the teaching segment.

Flamenco technique, right and left hand, flamenco pieces and variations, rhythms and compas—-yes, all of this. Also, particularly since working on my book, I’ve gotten off into strategies for effective practice, for effective use of time, for motivating oneself. Also, dealing with injuries and nail issues. Improvisational strategies are a great favorite. Argentine Tango has become a specialty of mine and I can offer a good deal of help with that. Gypsy jazz is a new passion—my right hand picking is pretty damn good (surprise!) probably from those many years of playing rock and pop. I’ve even got my ’68 Les Paul Custom tuned up and in service. And oud, too. It’s all music and it’s all exciting, inspirational, and fun!

So, I’m charging $30 for an hour class, payable to my Paypal account. Schedule at one’s convenience. After all, we have time! And, I really love having contact with other musicians now that I’m not hanging out and jamming/performing with them as I have pretty much always done. Facebook me or [email protected].