CHINA 2012 part two

November 23 Friday

Did I mention that the electric scooters very often have a tiny child or two clinging to the driver?  I’ve figured out a few rules of the road here.  With a 3 lane thoroughfare, one hovers on the broken line that separates lanes.  Then you’re free to sidle over either left or right in order to cut someone off or to pass.  Since everyone else is pushing for an advantage, the three lanes quickly expand into five.

Hainan Island is small but has 9 million inhabitants, 3 million live in Haikou city.  It is incredibly lovely here.  The people look Thai or Malaysian.  They are, for the most part, quite mellow and gentle.  Just as I wrote this, a huge shouting match between our booking agent/promoter and the bus driver erupted.  Both men had to be physically restrained.  So much for stereotypes.