I am a full time guitarist with forty years of training and performance experience. My expertise is in flamenco, Spanish classical, tango and Latin jazz guitar. I also perform Algerian Rai and study the oud. I sing in Spanish and English.

My performances are tailored to best serve the needs of my clients--venues include concerts, weddings, receptions, clubs, restaurants, parties and festivals. I regularly perform in collaboration with a range of performance artists, including flamenco dancers, singers and various musicians.


Rogue Tango

Rogue Tango plays dance music. One of a handful of authentic tango bands in the United States. Wendy Tangen Foster on violin, Peter Susag on bass, and Mateo on Spanish guitar. read more...

Rogue Flamenco

Multiple dancers and singers with guitar accompaniment presenting authentic "tablao flamenco" shows.

Trio Mateo

Flamenco-jazz infused with saxophone and cello.

Mandragora Tango

The renowned tango quartet, based in Minneapolis, receiving national attention.

Solo Mateo

An eclectic mix of the music I most enjoy.

For more information and fees, please contact me at scottmateo [at]


Duelo Criollo Mandragora Tango
Rogue Tango – Tango Trance
Rani Mellit Rai Flamenco