Playlists and Downloads

I've decided to put up downloads of several of my recordings.  They are available at no cost.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated and only serves to help me continue my musical journey.  Picasso said "the meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away."  I love this sentiment, I embrace it,  and I will seek to live by it, from this point on. You can make a contribution at the bottom of this page.

Meditation Sleep Relax
Meditation · Sleep · Relax

Genre: New Age, Ambient (2020)
Music for Meditation, Sleep, and Relaxation. Scott Mateo Davies on guitar and electric guitar.

Click download icon for free download (large file: 120mb – 105 min).

Rogue Tango: Nostalgias (2020)
Genre: Argentine Tango
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Invisible Chord (2016)
Genre: Flamenco
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Barrio Longfellow (2012)
Genre: Tango (traditional & original)
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Caravana Flamenca (2003)
Genre: Mostly Flamenco
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Paths of Convergence (1996)
Genre: Flamenco, Arabic, World
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The Rogues
The Rogues · Ménage à Trois (1980)
Genre: Rock, Pop
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